Who’s Alex?

Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.


“We met at a party fifty years ago. He’d just drank a yard of ale when I met him. Do you have that expression here— ‘yard of ale?’ It’s when you pour a pint of ale down a tube, straight into your throat. Anyway, he was feeling quite good. He called me ‘funny face’ that night. And he’s called me ‘funny face’ ever since. We stayed at the party so late that we missed the last bus, and on the walk home we planned our honeymoon.”

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How are you about to talk shit about someone then go hook up with them the next minute. Honestly what is wrong with people have some standards for yourself and stop being a damn hypocrite. And that ends my rant for the day

Wake skating the eighth wonder of the world

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parks and rec rewatch 3.02 "flu season"

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The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you, the Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.

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